End-to-end control. Customer-to-brand satisfaction

Orchestrate your service experience

KANA allows you to deliver the right balance of cost and quality. Each customer service interaction. Every time.

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Trouble finding your balance?

Your brand might leave a mint on each pillow, or be as basic as clean sheets. And you need to consider quality, cost, and return to determine the right service experience for your company. But without complete control of your metrics, that goal is hard to reach.
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The D–O–L difference

For growing companies and evolving consumers, best practices aren't best forever. Process improvement is key. Fortunately, it's also a key innovation of the KANA SEM platform.
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One platform. More leverage

The SEM platform is designed to fit into your existing architectural framework and application ecosystem to deliver business flexibility, cross-channel consistency, and good experiences in customer service.
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Designed for good experiences. Built for continuous improvement

Design and deploy straightforward agent workflows and efficient, personalized service experiences. Listen to feedback and respond to change in minutes—in tune with business developments and your budget.
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